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Dextro-Transposition of Great Arteries (D-TGA): Blaise’s story

Every child is a gift from God, a precious reminder of divine love and blessing.

Our adorable baby Blaise was born via scheduled cesarean section last May 07, 2022. He was exactly 38 weeks old at that time. During his first golden hour, I did not experience the usual skin-to-skin touch on my chest because the pediatrician was busy attending to him. Upon examining, the doctor noticed something unusual. The baby did not cry right and his skin color was quite different. My baby poorly cried and needed to undergo more tests.

Before I was transferred to the recovery room, my OBGyne told me, if I were to bear another child, it would be too risky because I had difficulty delivering Blaise. Upon entering the recovery room, my heart broke in pain seeing my baby with oxygen aide. He had difficulty in breathing as an indication of a respiratory problem. After a series of tests everything went right except the murmuring sound that was heard inside his chest. The pediatrician suggested having him brought to a cardiologist for immediate examination.

Two days before the scheduled 2D echo procedure with my son’s pedia-cardiologist, I was rushed to hospital due to heavy bleeding brought about by my emotional setbacks and sleepless nights. I was, after all, a high-risk mother who had just given birth. Despite my health condition, I couldn’t fail my son. In my deep sorrow I did not notice my body getting weaker. That midnight when I was rushed into the hospital, I never I would survive. I lifted for Divine intervention to extend my life for Blaise’s sake.

My family was extremely down emotionally and financially but determined to face what it takes to save Blaise. Thank God I have a supportive family to tend to Blaise in my absence since my husband and I were still in the hospital for a blood transfusion. While blood was transfused into my bloodstreams, my niece messaged me of the 2d echo result and according to her, the doctor couldn’t give the full details of the test result because he felt the urgency of revealing it to parents only. I was saddened because it meant something serious.

The only thing that kept me going was the fact that God gave His own life in the cross for us to be saved and how much more for my son. Like God I couldn’t make excuses but to carry my cross if it were the key to my son’s health. After Blaise was checked, the cardiologist told my sister the findings that Blaise had a cardiac condition called Dextro-Transposition of the Great Arteries and because of that he needed to undergo an open-heart surgery as soon as possible before he turns one month old.

I stayed at the hospital for 6 days. We went to see the cardiologist 3 days after. He explained the urgency of the open-heart surgery for him to survive and live normally. According to the doctor, D-TGA was a rare birth defect of the heart in which the two main arteries carrying blood out of the heart - the main pulmonary artery and the aorta - were switched in position, or “transposed.” The doctor then explained that multi-stage surgery can only be done in Philippine Heart Center in Manila and estimated a huge amount for its cost. It was an amount impossible to raise alone without the help from others. I was extremely down but I decided to fight for my son’s life.

Without wasting time, I searched for possible foundations that could help us with the surgery. I posted and sought financial help on social media and sent emails to politicians. Friends, relatives, and even strangers gave help and we immediately fled to Manila for the surgery. I also found a support group who guided me and sponsored with the surgery cost. Thanking God for His Divine mercy that we were admitted at the Philippine Heart Center where Blaise underwent blood transfusion as part of the preparation process. The doctor told us that there’s a possibility that if his body won't cooperate, he couldn’t make it to his scheduled surgery.

I fervently asked a prayer brigade from my family and friends to pray for successful operation. With the grace of the Lord, Blaise's body was cooperative enough during the 5 day-preparation. On June 17, 2022, Blaise had his open-heart surgery, and I was told the operation would last for 8 hours. I was anxious because it was approaching 12 hours, and I still did not hear from the doctors. My whole body was shaken in fear of what had happened inside.

Despite everything I tried to calm down giving the benefit of the doubt of not finishing on the allotted time. I prayed even harder and harder. I could really feel the presence of the Holy Spirit because when I randomly opening the pages in the Bible, all verses that I opened were about miracles. The 1st one was about God's healing with the sick while the 2nd one was about God bringing Lazarus back to life. I thought God gave me assurance for my son and got the nerve to calm down again.

I finally got the call I was waiting for and was overwhelmed with happiness for its success. The doctor narrated how Blaise fought hard during the procedure. Praise the Lord in the highest for the miracle bestowed to my son! Blaise was placed in the Surgical ICU for 7 days and smoothly recovered at Pedia ICU for 6 days more before he was transferred to the ward. He stayed at the hospital for almost two months without me and yet I was comfortable enough that he was in good hands. When Blaise was finally discharged from the hospital, we still stayed in Manila for his follow-up checkups. We excitedly waited for his clearance to go back home to Cebu. When we did, his monthly checkup continued in Cebu. With God's grace, all medications were stopped last November 2022 but he had to see his doctor every 6 months for his heart’s checkup and underwent 2d echo. Just recently, his doctor decided to see Blaise every 12 months because his 2d echo result last October 24, 2023, was very good.

After the tempest time that categorically tested our faith in God, Blaise is now in pretty good shape. He looks bubbly and healthy, full of life as if nothing happened. Seeing him happy and very active makes my day. It was indeed a good fight for both of us because no one gave up and bravely conquered CHD. It wasn't easy but thank God, he never left us during those trying times. He sends us instruments to keep going and come to realize that the trials and heartaches of this life are GOD’s mercies in disguise. “His undying love knows no end.” Before I end, I declare boldly that “NO MATTER HOW HARD IT IS, NO MATTER HOW HARD IT GETS. WE ALL GOING TO MAKE IT.”


Very much thankful for your time and help,



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