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Is Philippines Equipped for CHD? - Part 1

Sometime in June of this year, we conducted a simple survey among the members of our online support group namely, Let it Echo Heart Families (Cebu-based) and Heart Warrior Philippines (Manila-based). On top of that, we also researched for additional data from different government agencies through the FOI or Freedom of Information website. And for World Heart Day, we will be sharing the data that we got so far.

For part 1, we will be sharing the output of the survey we did among our members, and the second part, will be on the research data we got from FOI and our realization after all these data gathering.


CHD Patient and Family Survey

The survey had a total of 249 respondents for the time the survey was conducted. It was conducted online via Google Form and were answered mostly by parents of kids with CHD.

Respondents Profiles

  1. Location of Patients

Location of Patients

NCR or the National Capital Region is where we can find the few heart centers that would cater to pediatric cardiac patients. From the graph on the left, we can see that we have a good mix of patients when it comes to where they are located in the Philippines with respect to access to surgical intervention.

2. Birth Order of Patients

From this graph, we can see that majority of the patients birth order belonged to First or Second born. We can say that the families who participated here are relatively young or starting out families.