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Hospital Checklist: Giving birth in this pandemic

It's my 3rd child (Praise God!). I have compiled this list and improved it over time. I think I quite get what are needed for the hospital bag. I am lucky to have a husband who likes being prepared. He keeps all our essentials in a medium-sized travel bag. Everything in the bag includes essentials for him, me, and the baby.

I have given birth during this pandemic and so there are extra precautions needed to be taken and more stuff to bring. I delivered my baby via caesarian section. We spent only a total of 3 days at the hospital. So, I have modified this list for 3-day stay only.

Here is our comprehensive list.

Baby Essentials:

For Cleaning the Baby

Isoproyl Acohol 70% solution

Cotton pads or balls

Baby soap or cleanser

After Bath

Baby Towel

Newborn diapers (1 pack as the baby poops often)

Baby ointment or rash cream (Calmoseptine)

Baby Clothing

3 onesies - long sleeves in long pants

3 onesies - shirt sleeves in short pants

3 pairs of socks or booties

2 pairs of mittens

Going-home clothes

Swaddle (the hospital provides a swaddle too)

For baby feeding

1 burp cloth

3 Receiving blankets

For going home

Infant safety car seat

Other needs

Syringe for suctioning mucous

Baby thermometer

Mommy Essentials:

Self care

Lip balm, Lip stick, face moisturizer

Make-up - lip tint and face power will do

Body lotion

Bath essentials

Shampoo, soap

Comb, Hair Tie, Deodorant

Toothpaste, Toothbrush

Sanitary napkins, choose "for heavy days"

Adult diapers (Note: Do not choose pants as it is difficult to wear when you have catheter)


1 pair Socks

4pcs Daster or Sleep Gowns, Lab gowns

Underwear - panty and nursing bra

Going-home clothes that is convenient for breastfeeding

For Baby Feeding, Breast pump (in case the baby gets left behind at the nursery for a few days)

After giving birth, Post-partum binder

Essential technology

Phones and charger

Power bank and charger

Water bottle (because when you're breastfeeding, you hydrate a lot)


Credit card, for hospital bill

PhilHealth MDR

HMO Card

Admitting order from OB

Marriage Certificate

Birth Certificate

Government IDs

Pen, paper, notebook

Pre-natal ultrasound results and other test results

Mother Book

After giving birth, don't forget to inform your company clinic immediately for enrollment of your newborn to your HMO program.


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