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Urgent flight for baby Cai Retiza

May 28, 2021

On April 20, baby Cailan Edrey's aunt messaged LiTE (Let It Echo) page asking for help for this 4-day old baby. Immediately after that daddy Niño got in touch with us. Baby Cai has been diagnosed with D-TGA (Dextro-Transposition of the Great Arteries). His type of CHD needed immediate intervention as baby's PDA start to close.

The pandemic has made it difficult but nothing can stop a persistent dad and a pool of generous strangers who are willing to help. Thank you to everyone! This is the essence of Let It ECHO. Letting our story, baby Cai's story and the story of others echo hoping it will reach those who can help. In this case, our plea fell into the ears of the men and women of Air Force who made the safe transfer of baby Cai possible.

Thank you to SeaMed Emergency Medical Services for being on standby to fetch baby and transport to National Children's Hospital.

Thank you to the accompanying doctor, Dr Jeanna, who volunteered to go with baby Cai for the flight to Manila.

Please continue to pray for baby Cai's fast recovery and healing of wounds.

Know more of the story as it is narrated by one of our founding member, Diana Alvarado.


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