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What are my options for surgery of my kid?

May 29, 2021

For parents in the Philippines looking for surgery options for their children until 21 yrs old with Congenital Heart Defect, read here.

For device closure intervention and simple open heart surgeries, you may apply through:

Option 1: Rotary Club of Cebu & Gift of Life International:

BusilakPH: BusilakPH FB page

For complicated open heart surgeries, Option 2: Philippine Heart Center through OPD Charity.

PHC requirements 1. DSWD Case Study - social service 2. Certificate of Properties (with or without) if not married one certificate each parent 3. Certificate of buisness (with or without) if not married one certificate each parent 4. Certificate of employment with 3 months payslip 5. Certificate of SSS membership (with or without) one certificate each parent 6. Barangay clearance of parents if not married one certificate each parent 7. Valid ID of parents 8. 1 x 1 picture of child

Option 3: Through Senator Imee’s project through Heartwarrior Philippines. Find ways to get funds by accumulating Guarantee Letters through politicians and political parties. Contact your local Heartwarrior Philippines administrator. For Cebu, contact mommy @Marilene Canada Bolo Layson.

Option 4: For a much cheaper fee and still with very capable medical team, surgery can be done in Mumbai India. Send all your medical documents and child information to us (Let It Echo) via private message. The medical team in India will have to study your child’s case. Only then can they give a quote. Message us for more info.


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