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#ZyrusProtocol - What is it?

It was in 2017 that we first partnered with Air Force Mobility team. It was for an emergency transport of baby Zyrus. Zyrus is the second son of LiTE (Let It ECHO) parents Hercules and Jucel Soringa. Their older son, Huggy, also has congenital heart defect. Huggy had his first successful heart surgery at Philippine Heart Center and will soon have his second surgery.

Zyrus was successfully airlifted to Manila. Even when he lost his battle for a healthy fixed heart, he left a legacy that will soon benefit other seriously ill persons who need to be airlifted to any part of the Philippines.

Here are related readings about it:

Sunstar Cebu - PAF OPAV to Draft Propotocol for Patient Transport outside Cebu

Sunstar Cebu - AirForce, OPAV to Draft Zyrus Protocol

Thank you to OPAV, and the men and women of Air Force!

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